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Divorce is difficult. Divorce is disruptive. Sometimes, it can be devastating. It is an emotional tsunami. Your relationship is over. There is barely time to grieve. Where do you start? What about the children? Bank accounts? Who gets to live where? What about the family home? Retirement? The things you worked so hard to obtain? Divorce Attorneys Alavi, Bird & Pozzuto will help you through the whirlwind. Through the numbing pain and the complex questions you thought you’d never have to think about.

Let’s get you back to who you really are.

We will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible. In addition to filing the necessary court documents and representing you in court, we will advise you on communicating with your spouse, assist you with all documents required by the court, and counsel you on protecting your personal finances as we navigate this process. If you need spousal support or if you will be required to pay spousal support, we can make this a priority.


Strengthening your relationship with your kids will likely never be as important as right now. We respect and encourage this. Our primary concern is making the best interests of your children a priority. We will advise you on time-sharing and child support and all the other issues that must be compassionately resolved.


The truth is, you will have to make tough decisions about money. You’ll have to strategize about your future and the financial well-being of your children. We will carefully advise you on the division of family assets (homes, cars, retirement accounts, etc.) and marital debts. Alimony may also be an issue depending on how long you were married.


We too have families. We have also faced difficult life challenges. We also know you can get through this. Especially will the experienced help of seasoned professionals who deeply understand that the most favorable resolution for you is likely an out of court settlement. Years of litigation experience have taught us that trial is the last resort. Let’s work our way through this. With empathy. With compassion. But also with your future and the best interests of your children close in mind.

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Contact an experienced Family Law Attorney soon. Lean on us. Get your questions answered. You’ll feel much better.

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